Project Description

Childhood Services

Innocence has their eyes.

They observe the world for the first time,

discover its colours, create new ones.

What should we do? Give them the right colours.

The enthusiasm that accompanies each parent as they raise their children is the same as that which we put into the more than 40 childcare services run by Codess Sociale. With a particular focus on the 0-6 range, each of our childcare services starts with the pedagogical planning and ends with the realization of important growth experiences for the future of each child.

Attention to the affective and cognitive sphere characterizes our training projects, especially as regards the inclusion of the family dimension in the projects of growth. Listening and psycho-pedagogical counselling desks, as well as information and promotion of childhood culture are just some of the tools that include members of the family nucleus of boys and girls in the path that concerns them personally.

Codess Sociale’s childcare services involve many structures dedicated to training. From kindergartens to children’s centres, there are many facilities in which we operate.

To accompany our children also up to the age of 14 in their growth and education, with a view to developing their talents and preparing them for the global professional world, Codess Sociale has supported the International School of Venice SRL with its know-how to set up a prestigious international bilingual school in Mestre.

At the International School of Venice, together with curricular programs in Italian and English, young talents are developed in the fields of art, music and sport in a context of international cultures.

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