Training – Codess Sociale

Codess Sociale is accredited by the Veneto Region for Continuing and Higher Learning (body code 1541, accreditation code A092). The Training Area designs and organises professional training courses with qualified teaching staff. Each training project is planned in relation to the activities promoted by the internal coordinators, in order to ensure a correspondence between supply and demand according to the professional needs of the staff.

Not only Codess: other training courses

Everything takes place according to a schedule of activities that responds to the “continuous training” essential for work in the social field.  Intensive training courses – by announcement, to order, or intensive – are also aimed at employed and unemployed E.S.F. In particular, we carry out annual training courses, especially in the Veneto region, for the achievement of the qualification of Healthcare Worker.

Training in the Educational and Healthcare Sector:

Training in the Educational and Healthcare Sector:

  • Courses financed by the European Social Fund for employed and unemployed people;
  • Courses with regional recognition for the achievement of professional qualifications;
  • Continuing Medical Training Courses accredited by the ECM for healthcare personnel;
  • Training courses financed by Interprofessional Funds (FonCoop);
  • Intensive training on the free market for professionals in the social, sociomedical and welfare sector;
  • Compulsory training courses in accordance with current regulations for internal staff and free market.

Other training:

  • Conferences and Seminars;
  • Training courses dedicated to internal staff;
  • Projects financed by other Public Bodies, European and International;
  • Curricular and extra-curricular internships in collaboration with high schools and universities.