Codess Sociale operates with its own UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified management system for the design, management and delivery of services:

  • Health and social, welfare, educational, residential, semi-residential and home care for the disabled
  • Health and social, residential, semi-residential and home rehabilitation for people with psychiatric distress
  • Residential, semi-residential and home health and social care for the elderly
  • Residential, daytime and territorial social and educational care for minors
  • Social and educational childcare (nursery schools and kindergartens)
  • Training activities

The first achievement of ISO 9001 certification dates back to 2005 and has been updated over time according to the new regulatory editions, in a process of development and application of increasingly higher design and organizational standards that also include, from early 2014, the certifications of the two complementary standards ISO 10881:2013 – Residences for the Elderly and ISO 11034:2003 – Services for Early Childhood.

Codess Sociale has a dedicated Quality area that constantly collaborates with all the other areas of direction, staff and management, collecting and offering ideas for the improvement and evaluation of the quality of work.

The quality system is structured in three different levels:

  • System tools– concerns the entirety of documents, procedures and models whose application extends to the entire activity of CODESS Sociale. It includes the Quality Manual, general procedures and some models of common use.
  • Area tools– this concerns the entirety of the documents of each specific operating area marked by the homogeneity of the users to whom the service is addressed. It includes operating procedures, work instructions, models, satisfaction questionnaires, job descriptions and any other tool to improve the organization of the service and to define the offer. The drafting, updating and innovative integration of this documentation takes place through the Quality Tables among the Service Coordinators who periodically meet, subdivided into types of users and coordinated by the Quality Area Manager, to share a path of improvement that also involves the use of increasingly suitable tools to measure and evaluate their work.
  • Service tools– in order to safeguard individual specificities, often linked to particular territorial conditions, regional legislation or local regulations, the creation or maintenance of tools developed within the service is envisaged, but which meet the requirements of best practise in terms of their identifiability, traceability and correct archiving.

In November 2018 Codess Sociale was also certified for the management of the Environmental System according to the ISO 14001:2015 regulation, as part of a process of integration between management systems that involved all the strategic and operational levels of the organization.

Starting from the analysis of the context in which the company operates, the determination of internal and external factors and the needs of stakeholders who can influence the way in which the organization manages its environmental responsibilities, a corporate policy has been formulated aimed both at improving performance and at full and effective compliance with the standard.

Among the main objectives set by the organization we highlight:

  • Implementation of energy monitoring to reduce electricity consumption
  • Design of the renovation and maintenance interventions of the structures aimed at reducing the consumption of natural gas and electricity
  • Reduction of paper consumption in all sites and services
  • Extension of compliance with environmental requirements by outsourcers in charge of catering, cleaning, transport and green maintenance processes
  • Identification of the internal figure of Mobility Manager and definition of a home-work travel plan for the sites where more than 100 workers operate
  • Provide for the installation of LEDs in the sites used for training activities.

The decision to certify the system is not geared to the attestation of a particular performance, but to the demonstration of a control of environmental impacts in its activities, in the continuous search for improvement in an effective and sustainable manner and in accordance with the other rules of voluntary adoption of our ethically characterized integrated system (SA8000, MOG 231/2001).

Codess Sociale dedicates this area to all its suppliers and customers (intended both as Customers and as recipients of the services and their families) with the aim of offering a tool for:

  • report an omission or violation of the quality principles stated in its policy;
  • provide suggestions for the improvement of its services.

Reports can be submitted by filling in the appropriate form and in accordance with the following procedures: