First of all, we are people

First of all, we are people

Those that, in these 40 years of activity, have contributed to its growth.

Those who have given it a voice and a smile to face its vulnerability.

Above all, the ones that gave it confidence.

Because Codess Sociale is the emotion of every face.


And it has many faces, distributed in the 11 regions where it provides services for all age groups. From early childhood to old age, Codess Sociale aims, with a mutualistic and non-profit aim, to promote social welfare, health and educational services for people in need of them. Our operators stand by these latter, put themselves in their shoes, offering their skills to make difficulties an objective to be overcome, a memory to be left to the past, an awareness through which to live the future.

Codess Sociale also carries out activities provided for by Law 381/91 art.1 lett. B which, being connected to the social, health, educational and welfare services in operation, allow social integration through the insertion of the most disadvantaged into the world of work.  With references to more than 300 public bodies, Codess Sociale aims to provide human, social, health and educational assistance since every person has a life experience deserving of a new outlook.