Codess Sociale started a process in December 2006 aimed at certifying its Social Responsibility system according to the SA8000 regulation. This meant making explicit the social and ethical behaviour of the Cooperative in compliance with national and European standards, as well as international conventions aimed at protecting human and workers’ rights. For us, acting in a socially responsible way means taking into account the effects of our behaviour on the environment, in relations with staff, the local community, business partners, customers and institutions.

Our system of social responsibility is a management tool – that is, a set of rules and procedures – that we have chosen to adopt to ensure that our services are carried out in the pursuit of the well-being of workers, the best conditions of health and safety at work, ensuring freedom of association, absence of discriminatory or coercive practices and defining fair working hours and remuneration. In March 2017 Codess certified its system according to the updating of the SA8000:2014 regulation, in particular equipping itself with the two new bodies “Social Performance Team” and “Health and Safety Committee”, immediately operational within the organization, according to the competences and powers defined by the regulation.

In November 2018 Codess renewed the certification of Corporate Social Responsibility according to the SA8000:2014 regulation.