Azzurro Sole is characterized by the following aims:

  • maintain and develop physical, psychological and social autonomy;
  • define the objectives to be pursued (written in the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Project) with the guest and their referents; it tends to stimulate an active and responsible role in the person concerned and to guarantee them an integration of intervention with the institutional services that assist them ( e.g. Mental Health Centre, Social Services, etc…), to give support in the relationship with relatives, administrators/tutors, in order to promote the continuity of the assumption of responsibility through a project of individualized care;
  • guarantee the freedom of choice and individual will of the residents, involving them in the care and socialization processes;
  • promote the social and cultural integration of residents in the territory and in the local community and the relationship with family members and any external referents;
  • improve the quality of life possible
  • The tools used are:
  • weekly group meetings between residents and operators, for the verification and participatory planning of activities aimed at achieving individual objectives to be achieved within a maximum of two weeks, alone and/or in groups;
  • positive and motivating relationships that define the daily life of the centre, involving / letting each guest participate in the life in the structure;
  • reading of the social needs of guests in groups and support in the implementation of activities of participation in the territory, to be carried out both inside and outside the Centre.

The method identified is that of multidimensional evaluation that aims to activate forms of personalized intervention, aimed at ensuring not only the mere assistance, but the health, well-being and quality of life of the person, identifying in the same the concrete possibilities to increase the psycho-physical autonomy or to maintain the residual skills for as long as possible