We welcome senior citizens both resident and non-resident in the municipality of Jerago con Orago.

We are very careful to integrate the activities of entertainment and socialization with those of health care in order to maintain a lively and active sociality in the elderly. At the basis of the assistance to the elderly we offer qualified health care services integrated with the territory. Daily trips are planned throughout the year and intra- and inter-generational projects that have been successful for years among the elderly of our centre.

In order to maintain the elderly’s residual capacity and to achieve ever greater physical self-sufficiency, where possible, we carry out physiotherapy activities in the fully equipped gymnasium of our centre. For the psychophysical wellbeing of the elderly, our day centre offers families a support service provided by the coordinator and by the family doctor, which is expressed in instances of listening and help with the aim of supporting the management of care and the resolution of problems in the family context.