Since 2012, on behalf of one of our Group companies, Gestio S.r.l., we have been managing the Karol Wojtyla Residence for the elderly. The residence has been conceived not as a hotel, but as a home where doctors and nurses, physiotherapists and activity organizers, assistants and cooks are all at the exclusive service of the 64 guests. It is a two-storey structure divided into four nuclei, each of which has its own exclusive services and dedicated assistants. The rooms are double or single, the common areas are very large, bright and welcoming. Guests are supervised over 24 hours by specialised operators who help them with their daily needs, paying particular attention to listening and dialogue.

The specialised and non-specialised doctors who alternate in the facility, assisted by the nurses, prepare and implement a personalised health programme for each Guest, treating the already evident pathologies and arranging prevention therapies. The physiatrist and physiotherapists draw up the rehabilitation programmes which are implemented through an intense activity of individual and group physiotherapy. The educators and operators plan daily activities aimed at bringing out and exercising the practical and psychological skills of the residents and make their days varied, interesting and motivating. The facility is a lively meeting place for relatives and friends and its life is integrated with that of the village, the parish and the many local associations.