Project Description

Disability services

Every face has a smile to answer to.

It can be similar to ours; it can be different.

The important thing is to understand it.

Every age is understood, every need becomes a goal to overcome. Each person can feel the same, in all their peculiarities

For this reason, we build spaces and life paths to walk alongside people with disabilities, in order to create a dimension compatible with the difficulties imposed by their condition.

We help both children and adults with disabilities of various degrees and types through the discovery of a positive approach that contributes to the growth of capacity and silent resources, the maintenance of a precise identity within the group. Thanks to home and residential intervention plans, accompanying educational and recreational activities, each person can experience and strengthen their level of autonomy and their ability to relate.

We listen to the family and develop life projects After Us, combining the needs of people with disabilities with the desire of family members to ensure a safe and decent future.