Project Description

Services for minors

Let’s help teenagers find their expression,

to look at the stars again with the eyes of their own age.

Living an Adolescent Life

We welcome the difficult teenager who finds him or herself in a problematic condition due to psychological, emotional, relational and behavioural complications.

The experience and the study of adolescent hardships have allowed us to refine a methodology that starts from the reworking of traumatic experiences and dysfunctional behaviours to reach the reconstruction of the individual life project. The method, which we term psychodynamic, uses clinical and educational, rehabilitation and therapeutic tools.

Listening, to understand where the problem arises,
Welcoming, for a sense of social belonging,
Autonomy, so that the children are sure of their actions, are just some of the key points that characterize a process of recovery within our communities.

Relationship is the key word on which the recovery plan of a difficult adolescent revolves, but not only. Relationship is also what is established between all the people who work for the good of these children, all the men and women who, even before being professionals, are their friends and confidants.

The Relationship is a point of departure and continuity together with Respect, Trust, Responsibility and Sharing.

Our Community

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Campagna Lupia, Campolongo Maggiore, Camponogara, Dolo, Fiesso D’Artico, Fossò, Martellago, Mira, Mirano, Noale, Pianiga, Santa Maria di Sala, Salzano, Scorzè, Spinea, Stra, Vigonovo
Committente: Ulss3 Serenissima

Committente: Comune di Loano

Where are our services located?

Here is the list of locations where we offer services for minors


Via Madonna di Campagna, 108
Verona (VR)
Tel. +39 045 89 21 907

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Via Ghetto, 116
Mogliano Veneto (TV)
Tel. +390415906557

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Via Due Palazzi, 34
Padova (PD)
Tel. +39049713153

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Via Ripatransone, 111
Roma (RM)
Tel. +39 06 22 03 845

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Via Quaresima, 13
Castelfranco Emilia (MO)
Tel. +39 059 92 38 63

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