Project Description

The personal diversity of each of us is a value,

while the differences imposed by social contexts are not always so.

We seek to give dignity of life and social inclusion to all forms of diversity.

We welcome adults and children who, due to contingent situations of hardship, live in conditions of vulnerability and social insecurity. We take care of them by providing emergency responses to the satisfaction of their basic needs or requirements and, in the medium to long term, we build paths of autonomy or release from conditions of difficulty through the design of individualized paths of inclusion and social integration.

We plan and manage in this sector:

  • support interventions and psychological and social assistance
  • services in support of autonomy and employment integration
  • services for those who are victims of all types of addiction
  • night shelters or nocturnal care centres for the homeless
  • welcoming communities for women in difficulty
  • victims of violence or abuse
  • pregnant women
  • mothers and their children

These are quality certified services UNI EN ISO 9001:2000