The Protected Residence “S. Spirito” is located east of Pietra Ligure, a short distance from the centre, is easily accessible by public transport and allows guests easy access to all services of the city. The building which houses the structure is part of an old renovated convent and is divided into four floors; it has a beautiful garden where one can stroll or spend one’s time in the company of other guests and one’s family or friends and is equipped with an adequate space for car parking. The floors are connected by an elevator. The Residence guarantees personalized assistance during the day and night through a qualified multi-professional team aimed at maintaining the psychophysical well-being of the Guests. The care of personal hygiene is of paramount importance.

The structure provides medical assistance entrusted to the General Practitioners and the Head of Health, according to their expertise. Nursing assistance is guaranteed during the day from 7.00 to 19.00 hours and in the other hours through the on-call service. Rehabilitation assistance is guaranteed by qualified rehabilitation therapists and by the availability of specific spaces and equipment with targeted interventions at individual, small or large group level.

There is a daily educational activity service provided by qualified Professional Educators and Instructors who offer an integrated intervention aimed at the overall well-being of the individual or group, as well as the support and active maintenance of the person. The kitchen is managed by a professional cook and dedicated staff.