The Mission of Villa San Pietro can be summarized in two points:

  • RECOVERY: to favour in the patient the recovery of a level of social and working functioning such as to guarantee the resumption of an active, useful and subjectively gratifying role at the moment of return to the patient’s social environment;
  • ELIMINATION OF THE STIGMA: overcoming the cultural barriers that fuel the population’s distrust of people affected by mental illness.

To achieve its Vision and Mission, Villa San Pietro articulates its activities according to highly specific clinical and organizational strategies, in line with the latest scientific evidence and in line with the models organized by the centres of reference for the rehabilitated treatment of psychiatric patients. The patient is not limited to having a role of simple spectator with respect to their rehabilitation path, in the definition of which they are called to participate in an active and responsible way. It is therefore the patient who, together with the operators, identifies which objectives to put at the centre of their Individualized Rehabilitation Project (IRP).