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Psychiatry Services

We’re looking for them, inside of them.

We help them to find themselves

to live the beauty of life with greater awareness

We have been operating in the field of psychiatry since 2010 and are specialized in the management of psychiatric facilities for people in need of extensive and intensive rehabilitation; we pay particular attention to people with psychotic onset, we deal with the treatment of eating disorders, patients subject to safety measures and adolescents with psychiatric problems. When the conditions of the psychiatric patient can allow it, we favour the recovery of a level of social and working functioning that guarantees the resumption of an active, useful and subjectively gratifying role at the moment of the return to the social environment.

It is essential to support them in order to overcome the cultural barriers that fuel the population’s distrust of people suffering from mental illness. The patient does not limit him/herself to having a role of simple spectator with respect to the rehabilitative path, to the definition of which he/she is indeed called to participate in an active and responsible way. Therefore, we identify directly with the patient the objectives to put at the centre of their Individualized Rehabilitation Project.

Where are our services located?

Here is the list of places where we offer Psychiatry services:


Via Palazzazzo, 22
Sala Bolognese (BO)
Tel: +39 051 95 50 91

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Via Orto Botanico 1
21100 Varese
Tel: +39 0332 285 398
Fax: +39 0332 496 567

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Via P. Leonardi, 6
Arco (TN)
Tel: +39 0464 516 789
Fax. 199 161 911

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Strada Regionle 45, Loc. Faucille 1,
Brusson (AO)
Tel: +39 0125 300 037
Fax. 0125 301 874

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